Latest Trends of 2016 Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

The trends of modern fashion offer us completely fashionable jewelry and accessories in 2016 compare to what we had in 2015. If you are a fashionista or someone who likes to keep up with the newest trends can choose among the variety of jewelry products or something ideal for yourself this season.

In 2016, earrings will remain fashionable from synthetic materials to gold and platinum with the inclusion of precious stones.

Minimalistic earrings

Minimalistic earrings are fashionable due to their convenience. These earrings are great for formal outfits and evening dresses. The number of designs, colors, and metallic enclosures of different gemstones will blend with any style. Laconic classic remains trendy – specifically studs with diamonds and other unique or semi-precious gems. One of the hits of season – bilateral stud earrings with pearls. This kind of jewelry will naturally complete the evening look.


Gold is without a doubt material that hasn’t been emerging from fashion for years. This happens owing to the fantastic thing about the metal, and also since it does not cause allergies. All this makes a contribution to the popularity of golden earrings in 2016.

Another is the new version of long earrings which turn out to be a model in the shape of a drop. It can be an engraved plate or teardrop-shaped jewel. These makes gold earrings great for a secular event or romantic evening.

Studs and earring jackets

Wearing studs offer some flexibility while the inclusion of jackets builds a new cooler look. Simple studs and earring jackets are available across many price range.

It is also obvious that pearl earrings will be fashionable not just as studs. It can be studs of different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Layering jewelry

Choose from either gold or silver layering jewelry which comprise of sophisticated charm bracelets and elegant pendant necklaces. Experience with different designs and lengths to complement your overall look for the day.


From mismatched earrings to trails of tiny pebbles to modern cluster designs, asymmetry is among jewelry’s latest trends. Asymmetrical looks catch the attention of youths through their significance of uniqueness and reveal original applications of essential elements.

Statement necklaces

Just as different earring styles reigned in 2014, necklaces will take that must-have spot in 2016. Jewelers need chokers, bibs, long and short pendant and place numbers nearby to beautify fashion’s veritable buffet of necklines, and some pieces will likewise be ideal for layering and gifting while others are only going to make a powerful look

Also, Jewelry, richly embellished with gemstones, balls, flowers and other beautiful materials – like fringe and tassels are notably in vogue this 2016. These necklaces can undoubtedly reach up to the arms. As the year unfold have fun and remain the center of attraction.

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